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etha-small-blackClub “ETHA” emanated from the merge of Engomi’s clubs “Thiella” and “Anagennisis”.

Club “Anagennisis” pre-existed “Thiellas” and it appears that it was founded in the beginning of decade 1920, whereas “Thiella” was founded later at the decade 1930 from the young persons of that season.
Between years 1942 - 1946 various consultations took place between the two clubs for their merge, various names as “ENGOMI” were mentioned, where finally led to the merging of the two clubs in 1946 with the name “ETHA Engomi”.

Rich and variform was ETHA’s contribution so much in the National fights what so ever in the cultural and athletic sector. “ETHA” was one of the founding associations of “APOESP” in the championships of which the football team rose from the rank enough times as champion and cup winner, participating in deed and in the championship of Category D’ of the Cyprus Football Association (CFA).

At the same time, “ETHA” from the foundation of Cyprus Basketball Association participates in the championships of both men and women.
Our club cultivates in-depth basketball maintaining academies of boys and girls.

Also “ETHA” participates with important success in the championships of Cyprus Table Tennis Association while its athletes staff the corresponding National teams.

The colours of our club are Yellow and Black.